About Me

I see you want to know who in the world I am!! haha... I hear you!!!


My name is Sara-Jayne Stuckey and I'm just an average 19 year old girl who is living a life full on for God. I'm a christian and have been blessed to grow up in a christian family. I have one brother and sister, both younger than me and two amazing parents! I live in a small country town in Australia which often just get's passed by... But now I'm soon to be off for a new adventure as I am planning to study this year! Last year I decided to have a gap year and completed a Discipleship Training School through YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Perth,


I believe in freedom found in Jesus, enjoying life, living it fearlessly, healthy and laughing in every situation.


I run a girls bible study group for high school age girls teaching on subjects such as Modesty, Purity, Living for God, Courage, Confidence, Loving Who You Are,  etc. I have a passion to help young girls, to encourage them and speak life over them.

Why do I blog??


I've actually always wanted to write a book! My whole life I've always loved writing and sharing what I love with my friends. As a kid I use to sit down, write sermons and short stories. English was my favourite subject in school which I graduated last year (Yay for no more school!!).

My blog is a place where it's field with loads of girly, random fun, including me posting my favourites every month. Also posting about my life adventures that I continue to live and writing posts on which God continues to teach me. I write to help inspire my generation, to inspire other young girls to live their life full on for Jesus and to know His life. I want people to read my blogs and feel inspired!

When I'm not blogging or working, you'll find me...
Running outside, walking my dog or going for a bike ride! I love being outside, in the sun, being in God's creation, just getting out and exercising my body. Cooking is also one of my favourite things to do.... Seriously!! I find it so relaxing and enjoyable!! Singing! All the time!! If it's not at church on Sunday mornings, then it's either the shower or singing along to a Disney movie/musical... And yes I know all the songs from The Sound of Music. 
Yes I'm one of those girls who takes photo's of her food! Who dancers around the house in her pjs, which I practically live in! Who spends to much time looking on Pinterest and then 'tries' to recreate  it! Looks for an adventure everyday and enjoys spontaneous decisions. Even though if you ask anyone, they would tell you that it takes me forever to make a decision. 

I'm so glad you are here and have taken the time to read my life of randomness!!
Sara-Jayne xx
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