Thursday, 25 April 2013


I just wanted to quickly post something before I went to bed, about confidence. Maybe later on I’ll do a longer post about this topic??! But right now I’m just posting this!!

Confidence is something you’ve got to teach yourself. It’s something we all should learn to become!! And one way to do that is to STOP comparing yourself!! Stop comparing yourself to other girls you see either down the street, on TV or in magazines. You need to learn to be confident with who you are, not what you wear. ‘Things’ don’t last… So what’s going to happen when that item that makes you feel confident breaks or disappears!?? Does that mean your confidence disappears also?? 

Confidence comes from the inside!! Believing that you are beautiful and being comfortable in your own skin… Because you’ll never find true confidence unless you look to God and see who you truly are… Instead of looking for it in magazines, materials or other people around you! To many days get wasted because we spend the time by comparing ourselves to other people. We all have strengths and weakness.. And it is certainly a waste of time poking out your negatives!! So spend your time looking at your positives… It’s defiantly not a waste of time!!! Lift up other people who are also struggling… and support each other! 

We come in all shapes and sizes… No one is alike!! We all have things that make us different and unique from other people. Embrace that because that’s what makes you, you! You are beautiful, precious, loved, a princess… You are worth more than gold!!! You are made to be YOU!!! Never made to be someone else, so stop trying to be like everyone else. Original is defiantly worth more than a copy! 

So just remember, you are beautiful!!!
Sara-Jayne xx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

About Me!!! (a photo linkup)

Hey guys!! Below I have uploaded images that best describe me, my personality and what I like.  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures I have chosen!! I was inspired to do this linkup with Britt who has an absolutely amazing blog that is so encouraging!! The linkup will end on April the 23rd... So If your interested in joining.. Please do!!! It would seriously be awesome to see what images you guys pick!! 

Waiting for my prince!!

 I live by this everyday!!

Spending my time laughing and smiling!! More positive less negative!!

All said!!

Best relationship EVER!!!! :D

Singing and worshiping is my life!

It does!! Prayer <3

This is so me! Which leads me to the next one....

I love cupcakes!!

Pink and owls are my fave!!!

I love comfort clothing!!!!



Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you enjoyed!! If your doing one!! Put you link below if you do one so I can see!! :)

Sara-Jayne <3

Friday, 19 April 2013

Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award

Thank you so much to Aaliyah for awarding me this!! She is so amazing and I love reading her blog!! So go check her out if you haven’t!!!

Put a link to who gave you the award
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1. If you could have a "flower pen name", what would it be?

Apple Blossom! But then again that name would always make me hungry… haha… Umm…. Lily as the name means purity of heart, majesty and honour (aussie spelling)…. I think lavender would be an interesting name… I think I like it!!?!

2. What is your favourite (we spell ‘favourite’ different in Australia) ever Bible verse and why?
1 Chronicles 28:20 “David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished.”

My fave because it reminds me that God is with me and to stand strong, no matter what!!

3. What are the blogs that inspire you most?
Well… I have quite a few and I’m still discovering more everyday.. Which I love doing!!! But pretty much all the people that I am following!! :D

4. If you and your friends could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
I would love to go to America as I’m from Australia!! I would seriously love to go to Disney land, shop, eat interesting/different
food and see the famous sights with many of my friends... It would be such a fun adventure! I would also love to go to Thailand and Africa!

5. If you have one, feel free to share your testimony as to how you became a Christian.
Well I grew up knowing God and talking to Him.. I remember my first song I wrote I was about 5 and it was about how Jesus died on the cross for us.. I must of asked god in my life many times.. To be honest, I don’t really remember… Although I clearly remember giving my whole life to God when I was thirteen.. Long story sort….. I was watching a church service that runs in America online called The Ramp (mum gave me a choice of doing my school work or watching the service and of course, I picked the service) and I just really felt the presence of God touch me. I guess I just got really wrecked by His power and felt Him pulling me closer to Him. I remember just laying everything down at His feet, leaving things/people behind to follow Him. I can’t say the road has been easy, but it defiantly has been worth it.. It’s been tough roller-coaster ride, where many times I have almost fallen out the seat.. But God has always been with me through everything… every step of the way!! I can say I’m strapped into His word and trusting Him!! Like I say, I’m growing in God’s image. :D

Hope you all enjoyed!! 

Sara-Jayne <3

I shall award...


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Looking through His eyes...

 Photo taken by me from my Instagram - @itsarajayne

One thing I have really been working on is viewing things from other people’s eyes. I am that kind of person who ‘makes sure she understands everyone’s view’. I have noticed people can be quick to judge (I don’t want to be like that) and will only see one side of a situation. For example, I knew a girl who was struggling with seeing herself as beautiful. She was one of those girls that others would see as a girl who’s obsessed with boys. One who would always try to make herself look good, even though many found it annoying! Always trying to find a new guy to date, even though she was only thirteen. Many people would say to me “She’s really wired… so full of herself… etc” . But I took a step back and really looked at her with her eyes. I knew her pretty well and understood why she did what she did without her even saying it herself… She was hurt, grew up without a dad, although many men would date her mum. Her mum did drugs and she was looking for that attention from someone, for someone to love her and tell her she was beautiful… Like any girl wants to know!!
After I had said this to that person that was quick to judge, they also stepped back and had a look at their prospective. You see, when you choose to see things in another’s eyes, then you start to understand them.

Although I have come to a point where I realise it can seriously be hard, especially when one person can be hard to understand… and that’s when you go to The Lord for help!!! I found it hard to understand a girl I knew… Many also found it hard!! I found it hard to see her side, but easier to see what others would say about her. I tried to get to know her but found it very difficult because of her personality. I guess we all know that one person we just can’t stand and don’t understand..!!?! As mum would always say “There’s always a Mrs Olsen in every town”, for those that have seen Little House on the Prairie… We just have to handle them like Mrs Ingles did, with love!! No matter how annoying they can be… Asking God to show you how He sees them!! One good question to always ask yourself is WWJD (What would Jesus Do)? 

One of my fave songs by Brandon Heath called Give Me Your Eyes says, “Give me Your eyes for just one second, Give me Your eyes so I can see,”. And that's what we've got to do... Is ask God to give us eyes to see what he sees.. When seeing someone with God’s eyes, you feel love and forgiveness towards them…  It’s true!! I guess I have learnt to no matter what, treat others with love!! And their is always goodness in everyone, sometimes you just have to search a little harder and ask God to help you… Because all of us are a child of God and we shouldn’t feel hate against each other!!
Luke 6:27-36 is an awesome verse that helps and encourages me to love others. Even though they may hurt you!! I love the New King James Version as it says ““To you who are ready for the truth, I say this: Love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer for that person...” This verse is so true and defiantly something to live by!! 

So just remember whenever you’re in one of those situations of not understanding how one acts… Then ask God!! Ask Him “How do you see this person?”, read the bible and He will help you show love and kindness to others! 

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