Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First Blog..... Let's see how we go.....

Ok so this is my first blog.... A bit random and probably totally wired. I have no idea what I'm going to say, so who knows how this is going to turn out....!!?

 So let me start off by saying "Hi"... My name is Sara-Jayne and I love writing... I'm that kind of girl that could write and write (although most of the time it doesn't make sense... haha) and yes that's why I am starting a blog. A blog filled with randomness, things I love, what I learn while I'm growing with God (hence the blog name.. haha) and just anything I'm obsessed with.

I am currently doing my last year of school (YAY!!!) and can't wait till it's all over... haha.. But I'm not complaining at all!!!!! I have surprisingly been able to balance life. I've come to learn that starting the day off with prayer changes everything for the good. When I pray before I start doing my homework, I feel God gives me peace. Prayer is defiantly something I need in my busy and crazy life of School, work and running a girls bible study. The group I run is called Gigi which stands for: Growing in God's Image. I love it so much, I guess that's why I decided to call my blog that..!!?

But anyway.... I hope this shall be my first blog of many... I just love writing and I believe blogging will be an awesome way for me to write my random thoughts... I guess..!? haha 

I'm still growing in God and I believe I'll never stop!! So care to join me as this journey begins in blog world!?? 
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