Saturday, 20 April 2013

About Me!!! (a photo linkup)

Hey guys!! Below I have uploaded images that best describe me, my personality and what I like.  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures I have chosen!! I was inspired to do this linkup with Britt who has an absolutely amazing blog that is so encouraging!! The linkup will end on April the 23rd... So If your interested in joining.. Please do!!! It would seriously be awesome to see what images you guys pick!! 

Waiting for my prince!!

 I live by this everyday!!

Spending my time laughing and smiling!! More positive less negative!!

All said!!

Best relationship EVER!!!! :D

Singing and worshiping is my life!

It does!! Prayer <3

This is so me! Which leads me to the next one....

I love cupcakes!!

Pink and owls are my fave!!!

I love comfort clothing!!!!



Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you enjoyed!! If your doing one!! Put you link below if you do one so I can see!! :)

Sara-Jayne <3
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