Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Currently Loving

These are a few random things that I have currently been doing, loving and obsessed with!!!

Hot Tea!!! As It’s been getting colder where I live, I’ve started to drink tea again. Surprisingly I never use to like tea, coffee or any hot drink for that matter. Yet lately, I’ve been obsessed with drinking tea ever since my friend suggested this flavour. My favourite one is Rose with French Vanilla. I had another cup this morning as I find tea to be a great way to start my day. I love drinking tea while being snuggled up with a blanket... There’s just something about tea, the way it makes me feel, so calm and warm… haha... A bit dorky, I know... But it’s true!!

On Monday I went to the shops and bought the new Maybelline Baby Lips Colour. I got it in the colour Rose Addict, Pink Lolita and Berry Crush. These three are my favourites!!! They are so moisturizing, the colours are so vibrant and the best thing about them is that they are long lasting!!!! I defiantly suggest them to anyone that is looking for a new lip balm!

Well beside driving on my L’s and getting all my hours up… I’m trying to get back into the habit of bike riding!!! Although I do need a new bike... I would seriously LOVE a vintage style bicycle!  But while the weather has still been warm, I love bike riding in the afternoons and sometimes the mornings, as the town is quiet. 

I’m seriously missing many of my friends that I haven’t seen for over a year. I miss all the crazy times and the awesome sleepovers/hang outs. It’s about time I caught up with them!!! I’m also missing one of my best friend who’s off doing a missions trip. I’m so proud of her and what she has accomplished so far….  Although I can’t wait till she comes back!!

Well right now I’m pretty much obsessed with Instagram!!! I’m loving it!!! Oh.. and also GifBoom!!! It’s an app that takes a bunch of photos and it makes a mini movie which continuously plays over and over… It’s one of those 'time waster' apps….. haha….
I’m also really obsessed with the new TV serious The Paradise… OMGosh…. It’s so amazing!! I seriously watched all of serious one, two times in one week… It’s such a gorgeous and interesting show!! Also, I love all the characters, which I guess makes the show all the more interesting!!! 

What are you drinking, buying, driving, missing and obsessing??
I was inspired by ‘She Learns as She Goes’ to do this blog!!

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