Thursday, 25 April 2013


I just wanted to quickly post something before I went to bed, about confidence. Maybe later on I’ll do a longer post about this topic??! But right now I’m just posting this!!

Confidence is something you’ve got to teach yourself. It’s something we all should learn to become!! And one way to do that is to STOP comparing yourself!! Stop comparing yourself to other girls you see either down the street, on TV or in magazines. You need to learn to be confident with who you are, not what you wear. ‘Things’ don’t last… So what’s going to happen when that item that makes you feel confident breaks or disappears!?? Does that mean your confidence disappears also?? 

Confidence comes from the inside!! Believing that you are beautiful and being comfortable in your own skin… Because you’ll never find true confidence unless you look to God and see who you truly are… Instead of looking for it in magazines, materials or other people around you! To many days get wasted because we spend the time by comparing ourselves to other people. We all have strengths and weakness.. And it is certainly a waste of time poking out your negatives!! So spend your time looking at your positives… It’s defiantly not a waste of time!!! Lift up other people who are also struggling… and support each other! 

We come in all shapes and sizes… No one is alike!! We all have things that make us different and unique from other people. Embrace that because that’s what makes you, you! You are beautiful, precious, loved, a princess… You are worth more than gold!!! You are made to be YOU!!! Never made to be someone else, so stop trying to be like everyone else. Original is defiantly worth more than a copy! 

So just remember, you are beautiful!!!
Sara-Jayne xx


  1. Hey, Sara Jayne! This was lovely! But I just wanted to tell you... I just finished a post on confidence & strength. I saved it and I haven't published it, because I thought I would just check out my blogger feed. And then I saw this post. So you know, I didn't copy your or anything! It was a coincident. :) Or maybe God knows there's people at the moment who really need to read and be encouraged about being confident...I don't know, lol! I won't publish the post until tomorrow. That was my plan, anyway.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Tane xxx ♥

    1. Hey Tane!!! Thanks! haha... That's funny!! I guess it would defiantly be Gods timing!?! I was going to save mine but then I noticed I hadn't post for a few days. I think the more post about this topic the more people are going to read it!! It's defiantly for those that need it and need to be encouraged!! Maybe someones going to read both of ours and become extremely encouraged!?? I teach a lot on this topic anyway with my girls bible study group. I just thought I'd post something short and then do a bigger post on this topic later!!
      Thanks for letting me know!!
      Sara-Jayne <3

  2. Yeah, you should always believe in yourself rather than copy someone else because you are what makes you beautiful!

  3. Yes!!! That is true!! Sadly many girls don't know that or believe that.
    Sara-Jayne xx


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