Wednesday, 1 May 2013

These are a few of my favourite things... For April!

Hey everyone!!! May is here and I’m so excited!!! Today’s blog I’m writing my faves down, all that I have loved during the month of April.
I am back to the school routine so it’s been a bit stressful, but God is good!!!! I have titled this “These are a few of my favourite things” as it’s the line out of one of my favourite movies… The Sound Of Music! I'm going to do a favorites blog every month, where I will post my top five things I've been loving for the month... Also the word 'favourite' is spelled differently in Australia!
Anyway, lets get straight into it!!!


I’m such a girly-girl, I love fashion especially in autumn/winter… As it’s autumn here in Australia I’ve really been loving leggings this month. I find leggings can be a great comfortable and modest piece of clothing to wear this time of year especially with a skirt or an over-sized sweater/jumper. I loving figuring out how to style specific pieces of clothing in a modest way while still being in fashion... As I like to say "Fashion without flashing!"


My fave food for this month would have to be sushi!!! I actually just started eating it again. The first time I tried it I absolutely disliked it, which was about 3 years ago… But I tried it again at my uncles wedding and loved it!! So every time I go to the food court in the shopping centre I always get sushi with chicken and avocado. Yum!!


Britt Nicole’s song ‘Stand’, would have to be one of my fave songs for the month! It’s so truthful and I love how it talks about looking up to God when it seems like you’ve reached the end… And standing in His promises!! It’s so catching and a fun song to listen to! I’ve also been loving ‘HelloMy Name is” by Matthew West!! It’s been playing a lot on my Christian radio station and I just turn the volume right up when this song comes on... It’s an awesome song to just sing over yourself and keep reminding yourself the truth!!! 


Blimey Cow would have to be one of my favourite things to watch on Youtube!! Especially this month! I seriously have been going over and watching their videos that were made a few years ago on YouTube… Like ‘The Seven Lies About Homeschoolers’!! I love those guys, they are so funny and their videos are so entertaining!!! If you haven’t checked out their videos, go check it out now!!!!!!!!!!


During the month of April I read the book ‘Before You Meet Your Prince Charming’ . It’s such a cute, adorable book written by the author Sarah Mally. I defiantly suggest it for all those young ladies that are waiting for their knight in shining armor! As you read about the princess you go on a journey with her, learning to stay pure and being a light in a world full of darkness. 

What has been you favourites for the month of April?? I would love to hear you monthly favourites and what you’ve been loving.

Photos above were taken by me! :)

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