Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!! (A poem and video)

Here is a poem that I wrote for my mum for mothers day!!! :D

You’re the lady with the big heart,
That hugs me when I’m sad
That holds my hand in the dark
And prays for me when I’m mad

You listen to me when I’m confused
And don’t know what I’m trying to say
Even when I have my attitude
You handle it in a perfect way

I love how you treat others with love
Just like Jesus did
When you stand by my side cheering me on
Just as I want to quite

Mum you’re absolutely pretty
and amazing in every single way
you laugh with me when I tell stories
Of things that happened in my day

I know I can be stubborn
But I have learn to love because of you
To look at people with Gods heart
To praise and thank Him with everything I do

I thank you for spending time with me
And going on girly dates
Always saying goodnight to me
And praying together as I lay

Now you’ve brought up a young lady
That is proud to call you my mum
And I now know what I want to be daily 
Just like you, my mum

Also here is a video that my church played today to honor all the mothers!!  Check it out and if you like, why not show it to your mum!!?

Happy Mothers day to all the amazing mothers!!! You're all amazing!!!!

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