Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Being Healthy Not Skinny

I use to hear people talking about eating healthy and I would totally block of... haha.. It's silly now I think about it... But I wasn't interested at all and become depressed when thinking about it. When I was 14-15 I had real issues in wanting to be 'skinny'. I thought if you're ‘skinny’ you’re healthy. I would try to diet with the mindset "I need to lose weight". I would exercise and 'try' to eat healthy, and when I say try I mean I would most likely give in to eating 'junk food' then get frustrated that I failed. When I wouldn’t lose any weight I would get frustrated and think this was worthless.

I then came to a place where I had to just stop this diet thing and learn to love myself for who I am. I started to love my curves and accept that this was me. I learnt to love my body and be confident in it. I started to go on a few diets here and there because my mum was on one, but It didn’t work for me because I seemed to still think of it as a diet and when it didn’t work I would just quit.
Fast-forward to now (age 17) and I am looking at it as a healthy life style. As diets have expiry dates but deciding to live a healthy lifestyle that will last for life!! I’ve been doing this healthy living ever since I thought differently about it. I have learnt my body is a temple of God (of course I have known that forever, but really looking at it in a different way), it is not my own! So that way I am learning to honour it for God by watching what I put in my mouth. It’s also about how we treat our body, that we learn to love our body and not abuse it! We are an instrument for God. So how can we tune it? 

In Corinthians 6:19 and 20, says:
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honour God with your bodies.

To live a healthy lifestyle you have to firstly learn to not become obsessed with your body, instead honour your body for the Lord while eating, drinking and doing fitness. Don’t exercise and eat healthy just to look good!! In a way that’s selfish and you’ll become obsessed with your body. 

These days we are told how to look and being skinny is healthy. But every girl doesn’t look the same so I believe it’s not fair that media bombards us and tells us what we are supposed to look like. That we are supposed to be ‘skinny’ and have this perfect modelling body. But everyone is different, some have curves, are tall or short. There isn’t one way we are supposed to look, we are all different! 

I’m on the third week and I feel happy and energetic. It’s been amazing! Right now I’m just exercising and eating healthy. I do have a treat (something unhealthy) once a week. I find it fun! To be honest I don’t want to be that ‘Skinny’ girl in the magazines. I have actually been doing this for the last three weeks and I haven’t once weighed myself. I didn’t think about it till now, but I think I’m not weighing myself so that I understand that it’s not all about losing weight. It’s about making a lifelong commitment to want to be healthy. 

I want to be the best healthy me I can be! It’s about not quitting and just sticking at it! But firstly my advice is to change your mind set. To understand that there is difference between healthy and skinny. To learn to just have fun while being healthy! That’s what I had to do! Because if I didn’t I would become frustrated and sick of trying to be healthy. I continue to learn ways to make it fun so I don’t get bored, such as yummy/healthy recipes. Remember it’s not a diet but a lifelong style!

Thanks for reading!!!! :D

Sara-Jayne xx

P.S. These were my opinions on eating healthy! I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic so I thought I’d blog about it. I know blogs like these can get annoying when you’re not interested in this topic (it use to really annoy me). So I hope you understand why I post this blog!!? I just wanted to help and encourage people that there is a difference between healthy and skinny.


  1. That's a great lifestyle choice. :) I also often feel unhappy because I'm not skinny, but you're right. Thanks for sharing!
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks Tane!! I know what you mean :)
      Sara-Jayne <3


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