Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meeting Jason Upton!!!!

This week we had an amazing full on week in God's presence which was AMAZING!!!! And better yet, Jason Upton was leading the worship!! He's traveling around Australia right now, so it was amazing being able to go to a worship service. I love to worship God with dancing and singing!! So the night was defiantly worth it!!

Me, Jason, Hannah (my sister) and Karen (my mum)
The worship was just amazing!! I cant explain it!! Not just because of Jason but because of the presence of God! It was amazing just spending time with God and worshiping Him!! Hearing from His voice, seeing pictures as the music played... Gods presence was so thick and full of love!!

I have grown up watching Jason online at a church called The Ramp in Alabama (which is another story).  So It was so awesome being able to listen to him live!! He has such an anointing and an awesome gift that's touching many lives.

I had such an amazing couple of nights of worship that brought me closer to God. I love hungering after God and just spending time with Him!!

If you haven't heard any of Jason Upton's music, then go and listen to it now!! Such great music to just chill with God!!

Sara-Jayne xx

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