Monday, 25 August 2014

Will you follow Jesus?? PLUS Video

Will you follow Jesus no matter what? I mean really? Even if it meant you had to give up everything?

Sometimes it's easier said then done which I've been learning a lot the past week. Lordship has been the topic for week seven and it was definitely challenging. Would I truly give up everything to follow Jesus, where I would prefer to stay in my comfort zone and keep my belongings rather then giving them away. Yet we are only here for a short time and when you think about it, everything that you have has been given to you. The money, your house, your family. You are blessed and I believe each one of us have the opportunity to reach out to those who are in need.

Following Jesus won’t be as much of a sacrifice as it will be a privilege. Honestly! When you think about it, what a privilege it is to be able to serve the king of kings. Jesus has picked us! Just like Jesus picked the disciples, men who didn't have a 'religious' background or label like the leaders did, but they were willing to learn. Jesus new their hearts! 

As being a follower of Jesus is a lifetime calling and he want's us to follow Him. He wants to be the king of our lives! He want's you to leave everything and follow Him (even if it doesn't mean literately, but even if it's just paying for someones coffee which I did last week). To have Him as your number one in your life, because God want's us to experience the fullness of Him and if we have anything above him that's stopping us from having a strong relationship with God. Jesus want’s us to give up everything, because eventually it can become an idol it will destroy our relationship with Him. God wants all our heart!

 A little encouragement for the day!!

Here's a bonus video of a dance my group did for a project that we had to present about an unreached country. We chose Burkina Faso in Africa.

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