Monday, 12 August 2013

Quick post and Modesty

Ok so.. wow!! This is embarrassing!! haha.. It seems I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks and I feel terrible for that!! I really need to try and stay constant with it!! I mean I love blogging but lately school and life has just been getting hectic and I can't seem to find anytime to sit down and write.

I honestly do miss blogging and hope to try blog more!! Although the next few months might be busy with school so it might not be as constant! So if you come across and wondering why there isn't any new post, it's most likely because I'm studying. :)

So lately with my girls bible study group we have been talking about modesty, why it's important to be modest and what the bible says on this topic! We have had great discussions on this topic, disusing what each one has to say... It's been great!!

This week we talked more on what guys think about on this topic and also, we had a discussion about the bikini... Yes! I talked about the history and what guys think when they see girls in different amounts of clothing.

Today I thought I'd just do a quick post and show you this awesome video that talks about the bikini. It's a must watch video for all girls!!

Hope you enjoyed!
Sara-Jayne <3

P.S. I shall blog more about modesty later on down the track!!


  1. I love this video as well, and I believe it's SO important for girls to realize how our brothers in Christ are affected by the way we dress!! They can't just turn off that part of their brain. ;) I've heard a lot of people say that men should watch what they wear as well, which I do agree with, but us women think differently. We are more likely to look at the man's heart first, as opposed to his way of dress, but then again you can still tell a lot about a man by the way he dresses! :) It's a very interesting and in-depth topic that I plan on getting into on my own blog later. People would be surprised at just how far this whole modesty topic can go!

    1. It is so important to watch how we dress as girls and to protect our brothers in Christ. As girls we don't realise the power we have and that guys do struggle with their imagination when they see a girl with little clothing. This is a very interesting topic, that's why I had recently started to talk about it at my girls bible study group. I also plan to do a more in-depth blog on modesty. I cant wait to read yours!! :D
      Thanks for the comment!!
      Sara-Jayne <3 xx


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