Friday, 3 January 2014

Where have I been?!

Hey guys!!
So I'm a little embarrassed about how I haven't been on here since August!! Say what?! So don't worry, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or been adapted by aliens.. haha... After August things just went crazy...With life, school, Everything! I was struggling a lot in different areas and I knew I had to step away a bit from the blogging world, and start focusing more on me. I know that can sound selfish but so much of my life and I have continued to give out... Which is great! I love blessing people! But there comes a point where you need to just stop and refresh. So through the last five months I've been working on me, my heart and getting closer to God.. While trying to finish year 12 successfully! Also running a girls bible study group, working 15 hrs a week and being a youth leader... I just knew I had to take a step back!
I can now say that I have officially finished year 12!! YAY!! Now that I've finished, all dusted and all done... A new chapter is starting in my life. I have a few things planned this year (which I'll hopefully share next month). But I'm glad to say I'm back and I'm staying here in the blog world (at least for now! Unless God has other plans)!! It's been too long, but I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what comes my way! I going to start blogging again!! Just about life and well... Everything!! :)
Life is Beautiful! So enjoy it!!

So you're welcomed to tag along and join my journey! My journey in life as I still continue to grow in God's image!
Lot's of love and blessings!
Sara-Jayne xx

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