Sunday, 21 September 2014

7 Days and Counting!!!!

It’s been almost three months since I hopped on the plane to Perth. And now it’s only one more week in lecture phase. 7 day and counting until I leave for my first outreach location in India.!! Wow it’s gone so quick! These past weeks have been truly amazing, life changing, thought-provoking, the most challenging and fun time of my life!

My school have been working hard to sort out funds for the outreach phase by fundraising, including car wash and selling baked goods.  My school and I have been blown away by the insane generosity of family, friends and even people we hardly know. Thank you to everyone who have been praying over our finances and to those who supported me financially, it means so much. Through this, ALL of our finance have been paid in and flights are booked!

This is my family for the next 3 months and beyond. We leave for outreach in 7 days.

This past week was Missions Conference here at YWAM Perth. All day everyday was spent worshiping, praying, fellowshipping, dancing, and hearing from various speakers from YWAM. It was an incredible week with a focus on hearing God’s call on our life. Various speakers spoke about what it really means to be a missionary, what a true joy and privilege it is serving God. We also had some great Bible studies about Abram, discussed where the Gospel shows up in media, what true victory is and how easy it can be achieved with Christ, and so much more. We ended the Missions Conference having a dance party. So it was a pretty amazing, God filled week. A lot of revelations and decisions being made about the future. 

Thank you for reading my blog during the lecture phase. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to blog while I’m overseas as I won’t have as much internet access. I don’t know if I will be able to post next week, so if I do not get the opportunity, please keep my team and me in your prayers.It's going to be so good but so intense as well We would really love and appreciate prayer for safe travels, team unity, and that we will see the Holy Spirit move through healings, salvations and breakthroughs.  

I am so grateful for every person who has reached out to me with their support since I’ve been here. It means the world to me and I love hearing news from home!

Also yesterday my Dad flew over just to come and visit me. I was beyond surprised! I'm so glad He's now able to come and visit me before I leave.

Thanks for reading! Until next time! 

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