Monday, 6 October 2014

New World. New country.

Im feeling hot and smelly. I'm sweaty and it feels gross. But at the same time I'm loving every bit of being here. The city is beautiful!

India is a place I never thought I'd ever go to, but now I'm here and I'm in love with it. Sure the country is so different and you can't always trust the food... ahaha.... (oh gosh) Having people stare at you, take photos of you or even try to rip you off because you are white is always a great experience.... haha.. Yet the people here are so lovely and that's what I love. 

I'm slowly learning the bungalow language which is what they mostly speak here, while also speaking their biggest language Hindi.

This week was the biggest Hindu festival.  And it was all happening right at our door step. People coming from all around to celebrate their own gods. It was so so sad to see this.  To see adults and even children come to worship. It made me feel sick.  You could feel that there is a spiritual warfare here.

All during the festival my team read the bible from front to back.  We divided into groups of three and took in turns to read the bible for two hours. Making it a 24 hour thing.

I got so much from reading the Bible that way. I can really see that God has a heart for these people.  All throughout the Bible God talks about how much much his heart breaks for those worshiping other things.   It's God alone who is worthy of all our praises!

Please keep praying for us! Not sure when I'll have Internet again but I'll try to keep you all as updated as I can.

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