Monday, 3 November 2014

Another India update

I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  We only have over a week until we leave India.  What!?!!
Last week we had corporate which is where we meet up with all the other teams that are here in Kolkata. It was really good hearing from the other teams about what God is doing in their region. After reporting back and worshiping our great God together....  We went out and did a bit of evangelising. 

We've been out doing a bit of evangelising around our region in Kolkata.  In train stations, at a uni and in little villages. We're just able to bless people,  give out bible tracks and pray for people, even though they don't always understand us. They still love how we come and 'try' to talk to them, but they especially love it when we perform a few songs. 

Last Friday we went to a rehab Centre where there were 58 men and women who struggle with many addictions including drug and alcohol.  We were able to share our testimonies and perform a few songs plus a drama. I was able to share my story and pray for many of the women who are finding it really hard. At the end we did am alter call and all 58 of the men and women gave their lives to the Lord. 

The Saturday after, we spent the day going to a girls and boys hostel.  We spent time at each hostel playing, talking and performing for the children. At the boys hostel there were two boys, on with a sore foot and the other with one with a broken foot/fever. God came through and totally healed them both.  Not long after they were running around the room.
It's been so great to see God work through the team. 

This week we went to a uni to help run one of their Christian meetings/gatherings they have. 
Every week we go to a girls home where we play with 6 young girls. It's really just a time of blessing these girls and just having fun with them. Showing them that they are valued and loved. 
There is also a boys home that we go to once a week. We also play games with them, sing songs and dance with them as they have so much energy.  

Every Sunday after noon is my favourite time of the day because thats when we run our youth seminar. Its a place where we share with them about a topic we had during lecture phase.  This week was on lordship.  We also have small groups which is my favourite part.  I love the group of girls I have.  Even though it's sometimes hard to understand each other, they are always smiling and laughing. They always have questions whether it's got to do with the topic or not.... But I live seeing the hearts that they have for God. Actually that's been one of the most amazing things here in India. Seeing how the children worship and pray.  It seriously challenges and encourages in my walk with God.

God is so good! It's been surreal seeing the heart that he has for the people in this city. Having the opportunity to bless people and love on them has been amazing. 

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