Thursday, 5 February 2015

A few of my favorite Instagrammers

Instagram!! Probably the most exciting thing yet most if I had to be honest, it's one of my most used apps on my phone, besides pinterest... haha But Let's talk instagram for a bit... This photo sharing, liking 15 second video app is one I easily get distracted by. This app is an easy way to share whats happening in your life just by a click of the button.

When it comes to following people, it's important to follow those who inspire you with every photo they post. If your left with people who are continuously posting negative feed, stop following them!!! You don't want people in your life to drag you down, so don't have them on your feed. Don't follow those who make you feel insecure either! Instead find those who continue to make you smile every time you open that double tapping heart app. Look for accounts to follow who encourage, challenge, inspire, are fun and make you smile.

Here are some of my faves!!!

Chantelle Ellem (@fatmumslim)

She has quirky photos and she's also the lady who runs the #fmsphotoaday challenge, which I have done in the past and planning to do it again in February. So join me for the challenge of posting a photo everyday for a month?!

Alyssum Williams (@alyssumjade)

This girl is one of my good friends who makes me smile every time she posts on the world of instagram. She's an amazing photographer who's extremely talented... Her spontaneous and beautiful spirit leads her to amazing adventures that we get glimpse of through her camera lens.

Lidia (@lidiagulyas)

Speaking about inspiration... This lady is perfect definition of inspiration on instagram. Amazingly gifted with drawing, this coffee lover has people loving her quotes and messages. With just a few words on a blank piece of white paper... Lidia has a way of snapping a image with her papers everywhere she goes.

Sophie Gray (@wayofgray)

Sophie Gray is a nutritionist and a personal trainer who is a food/fitness blogger. She always has something inspiring to say. Teaching girls to love, improve and value their bodies. She post loads of delicious recipes and inspiring quotes. Never failing to make me smile on a cloudy day, she's an inspiration for many young girls.

Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad)

This famous blogger/author/actress is well famous for being classy. She has a way of capturing the little things in life and turning it into something effortlessly beautiful. She's a girl who just loves life and everything in it. From posting photos of flowers to posting images of her cute dogs. She's someone who continues to remind me to love life. 

Lorna Jane (@ljclarkson)

What can I say?! This lady is an inspiration just by hearing her name. From her gorgeous shop, to her website, to her personal instagram account. She's an inspiration for all girls, inspiring me to live a healthy life.

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Leave a list below of who you love following in the insta world!!!

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