Tuesday, 27 January 2015

God is the excitement of loving life!!! #howtobehappy

 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
John 10:10 

There's a desire to find happiness in everyone but these days I see so many people striving for happiness in so many areas of life except God. I know from experience, you're never going to be happy unless you look to God. You can try and think you'll only be happy if you have new clothes, the latest gadget or even when you reach your weight loss goal. The truth is... If you keep thinking the only way you'll be happy is when you're the next size down, you're never going to be. Because when you reach that goal there will always be a new aim, trust me..

I had to learn just that. I had to learn that no matter how hard I try to reach happiness, I'll only be making myself miserable by trying to reach something that isn't of God. I was so focused on reaching my goal, I lost focus on my one true aim, getting closer to God. As my focus shifted from God I was finding myself in a place of confusion and feeling unhappy.

The enemy comes to try to "steal and kill and destroy". The main aim for the devil is to steal, to steal  us away from having a relationship with God. To kill our focus from God to anything else but Him. To also destroy the purpose God has for us.

I thought I was fine, I was going to church, doing everything a "good" christian girl does, but slowly and surely my focus was being shifted from God. Without me realising I was getting further and further from God. I was starting to question myself, wondering why I was feeling this way. Yet it wasn't till later on, I realised I was trying to find my happiness by the way I looked. Striving to look specific way.

These days I see so many girls who have eating disorders, depression, living with hatred and so many more struggles. Thinking that the only way they will find happiness is if they have a flat stomach or a thigh gap. But living that way you're just going to make yourself miserable. When you don't love the person you are now, how are you going to love the person you will be in the future? And if you don't love the life you are living now, how are you going to love life in the future? Now is what will make your future! So if you keep striving to be something, you will never be happy.  

I love going on Jesus Dates!! Just a time where I go to a cafe (One of my favourite things to do) and spend time with God. I get to relax, get into the word, to also look over my life and see where I am with God. Spending time with God and talking to Him gets everything in perspective. It's one way I love to spend my days. I find those fun things I like to do and do them.

I'm writing this post because I want to tell you young ladies to enjoy life. Enjoy the years you are living. Every moment be thankful and look for the fun in everything you do. Be more spontaneous and go out, create those moments that you will never forget. Live your life to the fullest, live while your young, live it for God staying fixed on Him. I encourage you to have a Jesus date and go to your favourite place and just spend time with God.

Stop striving to find happiness in other things!! We need to know that our excitement comes from God! Joy comes from God and when we live life for Him alone we discover our purpose. We are called to be a light, to shine God's love and to live this life he has given to you. Live it to the fullest! Delight yourself in God! It's through Him that you'll find your joy. So enjoy life, enjoy it because this is living now!!
"God is the excitement of loving life"

I'm happier then I've ever been... Because of God. Because I've come to realise more and more over the years that this life is a blessing. I'm blessed to be so free and have so many wonderful friends who also love Jesus. So why shouldn't I enjoy it??!? Why do I need to keep striving when Jesus already gave me a way to to find happiness by just getting closer to God.

So enjoy life! I enjoy life! I really do! I enjoy every aspect of life, the good and yes, even the days that just aren't working out for me. I mean it's not the end of the world if those favourite pair of shoes brake. 
So I encourage you to just laugh, dust those shoulder and walk in the joy of the Lord.

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