Monday, 15 July 2013

My decision on... Living a healthy lifestyle!

Note: Everything I’ve post below is for me so don’t feel bad or pressured to start doing what I’m doing.  This is just to encourage you!

So today I just thought I’d talk about something that I have been thinking a lot lately and living…. And that’s a healthy lifestyle! I have never been an extremely healthy person when it comes to food or even exercise as I don’t play sports…. Nor am I good at sports… haha… But lately I’ve just been so excited when it comes to eating healthy. I’ve started to get a fresh revelation on this topic and how to do it in a godly way. 

Now I’ve decided to go 100% into this (Well more like 95% as well.. You got to have treats, because you’re not living if you don’t!!)… Although I want to start off by learning to love myself, cutting out processed sugar (And a few other foods) and to exercise at least five times a day. And I’m doing all this with God! I don’t want to become obsessed like I did the first time and failed… I want to do it in a way that I’m putting God first and just having fun with this whole lifestyle.  

Although to be honest, it has taken me awhile to get to where I am now. For example, I use to say “Yes” to every chocolate pudding or lollies that would come my way. Although I had discovered that eating sugar had started to overpower me. I would find it so hard to say “No” and would give into eating even if I was full. It was physically, emotionally and mentally making me tired and sick. But I didn’t know what to do or how to change.  I wanted God to take over and not for me to continue to hurt myself. I wanted to start treating my body like a temple of God. Because that’s what my body is and I was physical abusing it by stuffing myself. I would then get so mad at myself for eating too much and give myself big long lectures.. ahaha.. But now I have learnt that it’s ok, and when you start hurting yourself for something bad you ate then.. well.. You’re doing it wrong!!

So I’ve decided to live a healthy lifestyle. And do it God’s way! I had to learn not to be obsessed with my body or what I ate. And to not beat myself up if I ate something that was, well… ‘Naughty’ (sugary/fatty food). To love my body and who God made me to be, because this healthy lifestyle (diet) would just not last long! As I’ve said, I tried and failed!!! If you want more on this topic, check out my ‘Being Healthy Not Skinny’ post where I go into more detail!

All in all this is a new journey for me, so I might post more on this topic now and then. It's something I want to keep doing and I know I'm still learning!

God Bless!!
Sara-Jayne <3
P.S. This is only a snippet of my experience and what I am currently doing. I don’t use the word diet at all as a diet has an expiry date, where a lifestyle is forever!! 

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