Tuesday, 2 July 2013

These are a few of my favourite things…. For June!!!

Beanies!!! As it’s winter now where I live, beanies have been a must have to keep warm!! I love wearing them and they are seriously so cute and look great with anything!!  They make any outfit look cute!

Pinterest…. I never use to be in to pinterest, but latterly I’ve just been loving it!! Seriously!!! It’s kind of become addictive in a way!! Haha…. I love all the craft (diy), food and fashion ideas… I just can’t seem to get enough!!  Saralovecraft is my username if you want to check out some of my boards!!? 

Salt and vinegar chips have become an obsession!! ok so if anyone knows me well they know that I absulutly LOVE Salt and vinegar chips…  haha… But latterly I’ve been trying to eat more healthy which means getting rid of all those carbohydrates. So that means no more salt and vinegar chips on road trips :(… But recently I found this new brand that is well… healthy!!! It's the Golden Hash brand! So this has now become a special treat for road trips or when I’m going to friends house, this has become a great replacement for those potato chips!!  

Favourite song would have to be Carry me by Josh Wilson!! I love this song!!!!! It’s so catchy!! Seriously!! Click on the link and you’ll k now exactly what I’m talking about!! The song talks about asking God to carry you (me) as life can get hard… “Carry me, carry me, carry me now. From my sinking sand to Your solid ground”. Songs like these are extremely encouraging and seems to put me in a good mood!! :)

Favourite movie…. So I again can’t choose between two, so I’ve decided to add them both to my faves!! The first one would have to be Nicholas Sparks new movie Safe Haven!! Words can’t explain how much I love it!! It’s a lot different to the other stories he has written, but it is so so good!! It’s such a cute, romantic story that keeps you on the edge of your set at the same time. Definitely on my top favourites this month!!  
The second movie is Geek Charming which is a Disney movie that I absolutely LOVE!!! I love Disney movies as they’re something I can watch with the family without having to skip half the movie (if you know what I mean?!?). The movie has been out for about a year now but I recently bought it. It’s one of those family friendly dorky/cute movies that everyone likes. I suggest this movie for any girls sleepover!! It’s just one of those movies you never get tired of watching!!

(All photo's are mine!!)

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