Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Random Wednesday: Picnic adventure

Recently my sister Hannah and I went on a picnic. We hadn't gone on a picnic since autumn and since it's been getting warmer here in the afternoons, we decided to go. Hannah and I absolutely love going for picnics, plus since my last Random Wednesday I talked about I how I've been wanting to set time apart to spend with my sister... And this is definitely one way we have! :)

So today I just thought I'd post some photos of our adventure and a few tips!! Also below is the link to my pinterest picnic board...

Our gorgeous view with a lake!!! :D

It was such a perfect day, no wind or rain which we were so grateful for as its winter now where I live and raining is what it's been doing lately. It took us a while to figure where we wanted to go for the picnic, but in the end we decided to go to the lake. It was just beautiful!! I love sitting and looking at God's beauty! <3 

Bellow is my lunch I took on the picnic. Sure, it's a bit random.....haha.. But I just thought I'd post this on my blog for an idea. I keep trying to find picnic ideas and when it comes to food it can be a bit hard to find something to make that doesn't involve bread. This lunch below is a perfect easy lunch to pack for a picnic.

I also love looking for picnic ideas on Pinterest!! One idea I found was using jars for storing food or using as a cup is also a awesome idea!! 

Thanks for reading today's random blog!!
Sara-Jayne <3

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