Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Single Girls to-do List!

Hello blog world! Well I missed Random Wednesday because I was to tired, so I'm doing it on a Thursday...
By the title your probably thinking what!? But This has been something that I've been thinking about for the past few weeks... I have talked to a few of my friends to see if they want to join me and well a few have said "Yes!", the rest have just given me weird looks.... haha... But It's all good!! :)

So what I have decided to do is really enjoy my single life!! Not as if I wasn't doing that before, I was!!! But I just really really want to enjoy it and do random crazy stuff before I have to well 'mature'... haha... And by doing this with a group of girls, I have support and I know I'll really enjoy it!

I've noticed there are so many posts and tips for date ideas, but there's nothing for those that really just want to enjoy life while still being single.. Like me!! So I have decided to come up with a list (plus more spontaneous random ideas) that I will try to complete. I'm going to take you guys along with me.. aka the camera... So that I can also do some fun post on what I've done on Instagram and here on my blog with the hashtag #SingleLifeAndEnjoyingIt

WARNING! Some of the ideas below might be crazy and cause humiliation if there is no confidence ;)

The Single Girls to-do List!! 

(Most of these you can do with a bunch of your girl friends that are also single)
  • Breakfast at midnight 
  • Go leave notes on magazines telling girls they are beautiful!! 
  • Go to an op-shop and find the most girly dress... Wear it, take photos and buy it!
  • Do a fun photo shoot with a bunch of girls
  • Do an op-shop crawl
  • Have a Christmas in July party (This I'm planning on doing soon!!?)
  • Do an all nighter!!!!
  • Be a superhero for a day (dress up as one) and stop a crime. For example, jaywalking, littering, etc..... 
  • Go on picnics and more picnics!(Come up with creative picnic ideas)
  • Dress up as a princess and go out for dinner with a group for girls! 
  • Knit a scarf
  • Have and camera and a pair of gum boots, make a photo-log of a day in the life of the invisible man!
  • Have sleepovers
  • Go to a restaurant/cafe that you've never been to and order something you've never had or sounds 'interesting'
  • Build a fort in the lounge room, watch movies and eat junk food
  • Try and visit as many people as you can in one night, and turn as many of their stuff upside-down without them noticing. ;P 
  • Go around town and chalk the sidewalks
  • Make cupcakes, knock on peoples doors and sell them 
  • Walk around town and perform short silent plays in front of security cameras. 
  • Rent a movie you've never seen before. Set on mute and improvise dialogue. 
  • Pretend to be a little girl again and watch barbie movies 
  • Volunteer somewhere!
  • Take the first bus and stop somewhere you've never been!
  • Put paint in water baloons, put them on canvas and throw darts!!
  • Go on a road trip
  • Play hide and seek around town
  • Drive to a small country town and spend the day there 
  • Live life as a musical for a day
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Dress up as a hipster and dance around the street 

I hope you liked these ideas!!?

God bless,


When you leave a comment it seriously makes my day!! :D I'll get back to you as soon as I can!!! Sara-Jayne <3

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