Monday, 17 June 2013

I'm back... I've been busy loving on people!!

Hahaha Ok.... So this title is a little unusual, but it almost explains everything I've been up to as I haven't posted anything on my blog for the past week and a half... Firstly, I apologies for that!! I've been away and really busy with life, but I thought that today's post I could write down a few things that's been happening. Because well.... A lot of amazing things have happened!! :)

A week and a bit ago I went on a family camp with my church. It was seriously amazing!! The food was delicious, the place we stayed was exquisite and the services we had was just
The exquisite place we stayed. I felt like Juliet! ;)
amazing!!! Getting touched by God and just learning more about him really strengthened my faith! 

One of my favourite moments during the camp was being able to pray for a couple. Rewinding a bit.... For church camp we went on a treasure hunt which in these terms means: a treasure hunt with God looking for people to pray for/love on. So what happened we were able to talk with a few people, but didn't feel to bring Jesus in the conversation. Many people weren't even interested in talking... haha.. So that brought on an interesting experience.

After praying I came across an oldish (older) couple that I felt to start a conversation with. We started to talk about dogs first, then where they were from and eventually we got on to the topic of God, to find out they are also Christians. I felt to ask them if they needed prayer, and they said "Yes!". We prayed with them outside of Wendy's! It was just an amazing moment of really finding that courage in God, to not be afraid and to trust Him!

When camp had finished, I didn't want to lose this hunger, relationship with God. I really just wanted to keep blessing people! So I have decided to do the exact thing and to just look for opportunities to bless people. To do those random acts of kindness! To show people the love of Christ!

So I felt through this whole experience, I've learnt not to rush throughout life, but to just take it slow and see if you can stop to bless someone or love on someone. Sometimes we miss the opportunities to bless someone as we are too busy with our own life.

A few days after camp, I was able to pray for a young girl for healing over her body in my local supermarket. No matter where you are, you can love on people, bless or pray for someone. I seriously encourage anyone that's reading this to take a leap of faith and bless someone. Who knows, you might just make someone's day!! :)

Quote for the day: "Never look down on someone unless you're helping them up!"

God Bless,

Sara-Jayne xx

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