Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Random Wednesday: My list of lovely things!

Today's another RANDOM WEDNESDAY!!!! (sorry about the capitals..... Just thoughts I'd SCREAM!!! As I'm in one of those weird excited mood... :/ Although I don't know why!.. ahaha)

Anyways, I thought I'd firstly say I've gotten back into reading (So I can cross that off my list!!). I'm reading Anne of Green Gables and loving it! I don't know why I didn't read it ages ago!? I love the movie (seriously one of my all time faves) and thought I'd read the books. I don't know if I'd prefer the books or the movies.... I guess I can't judge as I'm only about half way through the first book.... Although I think I'll still love them both equally! :) Also the bible is such a great book!! I love reading it in the mornings!!

My list of things I want to get back into the habit of doing!!
  • Get into the habit to read more!!
  • Cook/bake more (also cook tea every Monday)!
  • Start up our family fun nights again!
  • Find ways to spend more time with siblings!

Cook and bake more. I have agreed to Mum and Dad that I'll cook tea every Monday as surprisingly that's the only day I'm not busy or doing something. Pretty much every night I have something on so I'm really trying to find time to help my family out more! I miss baking so much and just want to keep it up! And to also work on my wife skills ;).... haha

Family fun nights. My family and I have family fun nights now and then, but lately we haven't done anything. So my goal is to start that up again, including playing games, quiz night, acting (yes even acting... You'd be surprise how dramatic our family can be/act) etc. We already watch movies together, but I think I want to more focus on game nights!!! :)

Spend more time with siblings. I'm trying to find more ways to spend time with my siblings. (As well I know I might be going away for a missions trip in a year, so I really really want to just spend more time with my family and love them.) It's a bit hard when we have events to go to.... So I have decided to set a time to go for more bike rides or walks (if warm) with my brother. We enjoy doing that together, but since it's winter, it's been harder to find the effort to go out as it's to cold... haha... Just last night we decided that we would go walking whenever we could!  So that's one step closer!!!

My little sister and I made mini doughnuts!
When it comes to my sister we love playing games and cooking together, so we have decided to do just that, more often. Just last night my sister and I played hangman after we cooked doughnuts... 'Oh mini
doughnuts... so good!". We're just wanting to find more time we can spend together and have fun.

That is all!
Sara-Jayne xx


  1. Hi! I wanted to stop by and let you know I’ve featured your blog on today’s Wednesday Weekly Review (#29)! Be sure to stop by and grab an “I Was Featured Button to display!”

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. I just had a look at it!! Awww..... Thank you so much for those kind words!! They definitely touched me!! :,)
      Sara-Jayne xx


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