Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Random Wednesday: I’m half way there, 2 post a week and buttons

I've now realised that I'm half way through grade 12!!!! (YAY!!!!!!) How crazy is that? It seems like yesterday I was in grade 8.... I can't believe how quickly the years have just flown by.... The last year of school, it's so scary now I think about it.. But also exciting at the same time!!! So far school has been going well, although it is little hectic at times. I have decided since this is my last year with school, to work really hard with my work and to stay focused. I’ve also taught myself not to stress… The more I stress the less work I actually get done. So I find what works for me is if I get stuck to take a break from my work and come back to it with a fresh mind set… And to also pray!! As that always works!! :)

It's also my third month being here in blog world! And I'm still enjoying it!! I love how I can just sit down and write whatever I feel like. Right now I’m aiming to do 2 post every week and maybe a third one if I have something AWESOME to say... haha ;)…  But I’m looking at every Monday and Wednesday. So I believe that shall be my aim for this month.. Let’s see if I can do this!!! :)

I’m also interested in doing a button swap if anyone else is interested..!? Let me know!! I have recently learnt how to swap buttons thanks to the amazing Helen (You’ll notice her button is on the right hand side… So check out her blog out!!!). Let me know if you are interested in doing a button swap!?! :)

Thanks for reading and God bless!!!
Sara-Jayne xx

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