Saturday, 1 June 2013

These are a few of my favourite things…. For May!!!


It's now June which means the first day of winter!!! I woke up to the sound of rain on my tin roof this morning... Absolutely gorgeous!! I love listening to the sound of rain!! Anyway..... May has gone so quickly for me, it's crazy!! So today I'm doing my May Favourites!!!


Logo board game has to be not just my favourite but my families also… It’s something we can all play together and get a good laugh out of while it also being a bit of a challenge. But I can tell you it definitely gets the mind working… aka you’re doing a lot of hard thinking!! Haha… As I work in a grocery store I now have a habit of paying good attention to brands…. Which I guess you can say is a good thing, right? ;)

Ugg boots!!!!! It’s so cold now where I live and ugg boots would have to be the most worn item this month!! As I’ve been sick most of the month, I’ve been living in uggs. They are so comfortable and go with pretty much every outfit in the winter! They're my 'go to' shoes that are so warm and cozy!! ;)

My favourite movie for the month… is well… I just couldn’t choose between my two most fave watched this month!! So I'm bending the rules and having two!! hehe... The first one is the newly released movie ‘Parental Guidance’!!!  I loved this movie and so did my whole family!! It’s a movie that has a great story line to it and is absolutely hilarious!! I definitely recommend watching it!!! 
The second movie, that's also my absolute favourite movie of all time is….. *drum roll.... Anne of Green Gables!! I recently bought the movie a few weeks ago (as we only had it on VCR which doesn’t work anymore) and got it at a really cheap price!!!  Also I was sick for most of May and couldn’t do much so I just ended up watching all three of the Anne movies... More than once!! ;) Anne of Green Gables is a movie I’ve grown up watching and I absolutely adore it!!! My little sister was able to watch the movie for her first time and she really enjoyed it!! I can tell because she quotes a lot of the movie around home.... haha

Nutritious brownies are something I’ve been cooking a lot!! And let me tell they are DELICIOUS!!! I got this recipe from my fantastic friend Naomi who is amazing!!! So thank you Naomi!! It definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings without the guilt! ;) I’ve really been into finding nutritious/healthy recipes... This includes a lot of experimenting with ingredients that I’ve never cooked with… Including almond meal!! ;) If you want the recipe for the nutritious brownies click HERE!!!! 
My favourite song of the month is ‘New Man’ by All Things New.. I heard this on the radio a week ago and just couldn’t stop listening to it!! The word’s to this song are so meaningful!! Just how it talks about how God is always there and pulls us through tough situations.. “He has made me new!!” If you haven't heard the song yet, go listen to it now!!! You can also watch the music video below!! 

God bless,
Sara-Jayne <3 

All photos above have been taken and edited by me!!


  1. Sara just commenting to say that I love your blog, have been reading it and enjoying so much ! You've got some great stuff on here and I can't wait to see where this will go!

    PS Lol Naomi's like celebrity chef with her brownies :D

    1. Aww thanks Sarah!! hahah.. Means a lot!!
      Can't wait to catch up with you this weekend!! :D
      Hahahahah..... That actually made me laugh out loud!! ;) Her brownies are definitely becoming famous!!! ;)
      Sara-Jayne xx

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