Wednesday, 4 June 2014

And These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things.... for May 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm having serious trouble believing that it's now half way through the year. How crazy is that?!?!!And as usual here are my Monthly Favourites!

Reading..... For those who are like me and love cooking up a storm in the kitchen... This book is perfect! It's by leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry and the her cookbook is just plain AMAZING!! Many of you know that I'm very much into eating healthy and giving your body the nutrients it needs.
If your going to invest into a healthy cook book, this is the one I would most definitely recommend! The cookbook is full of healthy and exciting food that I've been loving!! It's sugar free, easy to follow and full of lots of delicious recipes.

Watching.... Once upon a time I was sitting in front of the TV watching Once Upon A Time... Ok that was a little cheesy, but seriously! I'm kind of obsessed with this TV show!! It's about all the fairytale characters who have been put under a curse and are trapped in our world. Watching this show is like watching a long movie that never seems to end.

Listening.... I'm a big fan of Kari Jobe and her new album Majestic is so enjoyable. And my favourits song of the album right now is Forever!

Not my image
Using.... Ok this one is a little random but I've been using Paw Paw cream non-stop all this month. Especially because the weather is getting colder my lips seem to be getting really dry, so using this every time before I go out for the day or even before I go to bed, gives moisture to my lips.

Drinking.... Breakfast Smoothies!!! I've seem to be drinking breakfast smoothies every morning for the past few weeks. Which is funny because you'd think I'd be wanting something warm as it's now officially winter! haha... But no! My body doesn't roll that way!

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