Friday, 27 June 2014

Stop comparing! Full stop!

You're scrolling through instagram,  Facebook or flicking through the latest issue of your favorite magazine. You enjoy looking at everyone's latest post, until you stop on that one photo and you start thinking thoughts like 'why can't I be like her' 'look at her, she's so skinny and I'm not' 'she always looks pretty and here I am trying to fix my hair'.

Sounds familiar?

As teenagers we're always comparing ourselves and it isn't good! As I've said in my previous posts, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

I believe it's time to stop this cycle of comparison. I tell you the truth!! Someone's always going to seem better in your eyes and in someone else's eyes you're going to seem better. So it's time we stop!  Be yourself!  You are an amazing individual and there's no point comparing yourself to someone who was designed to be different.  I mean did you ever have to do project in school comparing something that was totally different.  Of course not!  I mean how could you compare it if they aren't even the same thing in the first place??!

Find your identity and worth in God!  Not in this material, never lasting society that will tell you,  you need to meet their 'standards'. You will never be that girl in the magazine or on instagram because you are you. Full stop!

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