Sunday, 20 July 2014

Showing the love of God, 228 quirks, Go fund me!?!!

Week two has now gone and here I am with another update!!

This week at YWAM our topic was Nature and Character of God. It’s been a full on week and everything I’ve learnt so far has just been amazing! My understanding for God has already grown so much through lecture and just through my quiet times.
This week for lectures, we had a guy named Robbie Willingham from Newcastle speak to us. He was really interesting to talk to as he is a classically trained opera singer, so it was so cool to hear him sing and his story on how he got to YWAM. 

He taught us a lot on God’s character in the New and Old Testament. About our filter and what we dwell on needs to be strong, because the weaker the filter the more the world can come in.  He also spoke a lot on how important having a relationship with God is. While also looking at those tough questions that many non-believers might ask. Such as ‘why do bad things happen?’. My whole life I’ve had  an answer that I knew I could understand. But what happens when someone who has no understanding about God asks you? I’ve learnt so much on what to say when those tough questions get asked and how much God wants us to know more about Him.

We are now into the swing of things which keeps us all busy. There’s always something going on whether it is lectures, chores, band practice or just hanging out as a group. We’ve started lunch duties, which means after every lunch we’ve got to clean down all the tables, do the dishes and food prep which might sound easy, but I can tell you it becomes pretty full on when it’s for a few hundred people. Yet this Thursday we got kicked out of the kitchen because we were working too hard… haha… We always seem to finish early.

The house I’m staying at (228) has some quirks in itself. The lights in the girls room goes out every day around 6:45pm… But I guess that makes sense when there’s so many in one house and all are using electricity. The water taps are always running and toilet paper, well there’s never enough.

We have small groups every Tuesday night which is a lot of fun just chilling discussing things that we have personally learnt from the week or what we’ve even been struggling with. I really enjoy it as its great just relaxing and talking with the other girls from my DTS (Discipleship Training School).

We did evangelising for the first time as a group on Friday. We went into the Perth City and separated into groups. I was with Rachel who is doing music DTS with me. Together we prayed to see where God wanted us to go. I got the word lonely and Rachel felt we needed to start walking, so we did. As we walked we noticed an old man who was with telethon but had finished his shift and was sitting on a bench in the street mall. We started talking to him and he told us about what he does. We got the opportunity to pray for him, that he would draw closer to God. He was one of those people who believes there is ‘something; in the sky “a being” he said, but he didn’t have a relationship with God. He told us a lot about his life story, about how he and his wife both grew up in Christian families; he was a cook in the army for 2 years and moved to Australia when their son was in his early teens. It was great being able to talk and share my faith with him. Even though we didn’t see a salvation or a miracle happen, I really felt we planted a seed and new that God was tugging at his heart. Before we left he said by us just talking to him it made his day and that when he got home he was going to tell his wife about us.    

"By just even showing Gods love, we really blessed him."

Meet Rach, Bec (staff) with music DTS and Villy with sports. Chilling at cafe 9!

It’s been crazy this week but at the same time a whole lot of fun!

I’m still in need of finances to go to the nations where I feel God is leading me to. If you’d like to help support me, which would be such a blessing…. Click GofundMe to donate or send me a message by clicking on contact above.

Last week I posted the other address on my blog which won’t actually send it to me straight away. So ‘I’m going to post it down again for those who would like to send me a letter or a bag of goodies…..
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Thanks for reading!!

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