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So It begins!! Week 1 in the YWAM life... (Update)

er the ext 6 months I’ll be posting updates on my life and all the adventures I’ll be getting up to. (For those that don’t know what I am doing at YWAM click here!). I’m on my first week in this YWAM routine and a lot has already happened.  

It’s already been a week and it’s been an amazing experience but at the same time so different. I’m in 228 and for those who have been at YWAM Perth know what it’s like. Sharing a room with 25 other girls is an interesting experience. haha... I don’t really know how to put it! But at the same time it’s exciting sharing a room with all these girls and just getting to know them.

As it’s only been the first week of DTS (Discipleship Training School) we’ve been slowly getting into the routine even though it’s still been pretty hectic. A typical day on the music DTS is morning exercise, which we haven’t actually started yet. But I’ve still been getting up and going for jogs by dragging people to come along at 6 in the morning. I think I’m still adjusting to WA time… haha…

After we have morning chores which my group have actually only done it once because we were told to go clean in another house but when we got there we found out that was the wrong house.  So it wasn’t till Friday that we were told where we were supposed to be. 

Wednesday we had our first lecture which was AMAZING!!! Lectures probably have to be my favourite part, besides morning worship. I love worshiping God and being in His presence. There’s something so special about that! Every week we have a new topic for lectures and this week it’s on Hearing Gods Voice and Quiet Times. Chenaniah is our school leader and he’s been talking on the topic this week. He’s passion for God is so inspiring and it encourages me to want to keep going after God. To learn more about God and His character! I’ve been taking lots of notes from every lecture we have had so far. 

There are so many other schools going on at the same time at this base, so it’s pretty hectic. It kind of reminds me of an American high school… haha…. My first full day in Perth consisted of walking (A LOT!!!), eating kale and being the ‘photographer’ for some of the guys as they wanted their photos with kangaroos. But finishing the day off with worship songs and just jamming with everyone I live with. Everyone here plays a musical instrument, even those who are doing the other DTS’s. It’s amazing!!! It’s like living in a musical! 

Kings Park

Being a part of the music DTS we’ve been split into 4 bands. Each band have to do two covers and write one song to perform at a concert at the end of August. 

As a group we’ve been doing a lot of things together. On Wednesday night we went to Kings Park which overlooks the city of Perth.  It’s so pretty! 

Friday night we were told that we had another DTS meeting with all the other DTS students. Which was crazy because we had already had so many meetings and so many of the students were complaining because Friday nights are meant to be frees.  We were told to leave the places we were staying and told to go to the base for the meeting. After the lady talking for 15 minutes about who knows what because I seriously couldn’t hear her. We were told to go to 228 which is the place I will be living for the next 3 months. When we got to our place I could see lights in the house as if there was a party. Next minute the fire alarm went off and someone starts yelling out fire. Because I was behind the rest of the group I had no idea what was going on. Founds out the staff tried to put on a surprise dance party for us but because of the smoke machine they had it set of the smoke alarm, which set of the fire alarm which meant 10 minutes later the fire department rocked up. But long story short, 20 minutes later it was all sorted out and we finally had our dance party. 

Saturday we spent the whole day in Frementle doing a scavenger hunt which involved high-fiving strangers to taking a photo of someone eating a burger. To buying ice-cream using the money we used from busking on the streets.  

The crew I'll be with for the next 6 months!!

So that’s pretty much sums up my first week in YWAM. Thanks to all those who have been sending me messages, so encouraging! Please keep me in your prayers and continue to pray for my finances as I’m still in need for outreach.

Oh and if you actually read through this whole blog post then I want to congratulate you and tell you that we have found out our outreach destination. Even though we still don’t know if we will be going somewhere else, but we are definitely going to Kolkata in India. 

If you’d like to send me a letter or a bag of goodies!?!!! You can send it to my YWAM address which is…….. (I've updated it as this is the right one)
Sara-Jayne Stuckey
9 PO Box 8501,
Perth Business Centre,
WA, 6849

God bless,
Sara-Jayne xx

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