Sunday, 7 December 2014

Goodbye Philippines

San Fernando is beautiful! It's one of those little towns filled with beautiful friendly people. And so close to the beach!!... But bellow all that there's still so much hurt and brokenness. By being here I can see God's heart for the people here.
We've been working a lot in schools and universities, performing songs, telling our stories and just encouraging them to live life with God. We've had such great opportunities to really speak life into their lives.... And of course with us being foreigners they want many photos with us.
For the school we did ministry in, it was actually the first time they let YWAMers in. Usually they are very strict on who they let into the school, but God opened the doors so we could really impact the children and encourage them to have a relationship with God.
Saturday night we went to a red light district close to where we are located. We mostly felt to walk the streets and pray, declaring God over that place. Yet spiritual we could feel a heaviness over that place.  My heart was heavy and broken for those girls who haven't seen God's love. 
"I don't want to leave this place the same and not letting what I have seen God do change me."
So now it's time I get some sleep.  4 hours (4 am) and we will be leaving for Manila to head back to Australia. 
Outreach has been an amazing experience.  Seeing God move not just through ministry but in my life personal.  He has taught me so much about His love for me and for the nations.  So farewell Philippines! It's been lovely chilling in your country.

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