Thursday, 1 May 2014

And these are a few of my Favourite Things.... For April 2014

I'm bring it back!! Another month is over so I'm listing a few of my favourites for this month!! This month has seriously gone so so fast!! Easter went so quickly and so did the school holidays! Even though they don't effect me as school is not apart of my life... Yay for living a non-schooled life!! But that does mean I still have to work which is keeping me out of mischief!

Moving on... Here are my favourite things for April!!!  


Okay! So for those that don't know... I love fashion and always have been a girly girl! Ok - that's a lie!! I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and played with bugs... Something I don't do know!! Anyway...
It's been getting colder here down under and I'm loving my new blue jacket which I got from K-mart on sale for only $12. A bargain if I must say!! I'm all about fashion without flashing (I live by that saying) and there are many ways that I've learnt on how to still stay fashionable while still staying modest. Which I might go into more detail later on!!


Let's bring out the old school games!! UNO has been the most played game within my family! Especially over this month! We brought the game out again when we had a few friends over for Easter and ever since that, we've been playing it nonstop! Morning, lunch and tea!! Seriously!! My sister keeps wanting to play the game.. And then decides to end it after I've won most of the games!! Haha.. Oh I love that game!! It's the only one I can beat my sister with!


Cinnamon Roll anyone!? I love eating healthy and I try to eat as healthy as I can... Looking for new delicious foods to try which will satisfy my sweet tooth. And who knew you could find some yummy recipes that are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! 

One of my favourite sites for some simple healthy food creations would have to be Chocolate Covered Katie. And the photo on the right is a photo of my Cinnamon Roll that I made from her site! Click here for the recipe!! It's simple, easy and absolutely to die for!! In a matter of speaking!! 


My absolute favourite song for this month would have to be My Lighthouse (Video linked bellow) by Rend Collective. First heard it on Vision Radio Network and have been obsessed with it ever since. It's such a catchy song and the music video is, well... Hippie!! haha... I love it!!
Trust me! When you first listen to it you'll be singing it for the rest of the day. It's that catchy!


The Image above does not belong to me!!
I am a big Big BIG fan of Disney and I always get so excited when a new Disney movie comes out... And I'm loving their new movie Frozen!! It's an absolutely cute movie with a great meaning behind a story that's a little different than your typical 'cartoon' movie... The humor behind the movie is adorable and so is the characters, including the snowman. This movie has to be my new favourite movie!!! I'm planning to watch it again this weekend!!!

"So.. Let it go! Let it Go!"

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Sara-Jayne xx


  1. Yayyy! I LOVE Rend Collective! In fact, about a month ago i went to their concert ;-)
    And i LOVE Frozen too! Yay!

    1. Really? If they ever come to Australia I'm definitely going to watch them!! Their music is amazing!!
      haha... Oh yes!! Disney always make good movies!! :)


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